2nd Album Is Out

Red Dragon Blues Ⅱ

This time around we did more of everything. More styles, more special guests, more songs & a little bit more metal even! Special guest lead vocalists like Lex Koritni and Susannah Mirana ,

guest backing vocalist Nicky Kurta, guest bass by the Princess of funk Juna Serita,a couple of guest drum appearances by Dave Kirby and some keys from Gerard Masters & Michael Tan

New singles

Ballad Of Harley Quinn

We're back!

Take a listen to the new single; a tribute to our favourite heroine/anti-heroine and general bad-girl, Harley Quinn! We hope Margot Robbie's listening!

This one is with special guest vocalist Susannah Mirana. And that's not all. The new album Red Dragon Blues II is now available on all streaming platforms so go take a listen, like & share.

Ignoramus Blues