come into the darkness, and out of the gloom.....

Red Dragon Blues was formed almost by accident.

Having moved from Australia to Japan in search of something else, guitarist/singer Luke Cuerden was  inspired to create something out of the clash of neon and old tradition in Tokyo and the other parts of the country his travels took him to. It felt less lame than writing a diary, so he wrote songs.  It was Tokyo session drummer Armin Takeshi Linzbechler’s idea that Luke should front his own band. And the dragon was born!

The band started as a trio playing early versions of the songs that made the first album and covers from Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Muddy Waters, The Beatles, Stray Cats and Stevie Ray Vaughan Their first show was at Jiro’s Blues Bar. Between song banter was a challenge!

Difficult to categorise, and with a penchant for genre-hopping, RDB might be described as blues infused alt hard rock maybe? Think Black Crowes, QOTSA, G&R, with some metal and the blues.