Luke played his first gig in a bar at 17 years old and has remained a pro musician to this day. As a touring guitarist he has played all over Australia with a long list of artists. Shannon Noll, Mi-Sex, John Stevens and Steve Balbi (Noiseworks),  Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo), Sarah McCleod (Superjesus), Tex Perkins and Diesel to name a few. He's also an original member of French-Australian hard rock band Koritni. Based mostly in Paris the band toured the European festival circuit from 2006 to 2011. Again in 2019. Highlights included Hellfest, France’s biggest rock festival with Motley Crue, Black Sabbath and Buckcherry. Other festival dates included shows with Motorhead.  Luke played and co-wrote on three albums for the band in total. 
He fronts his own band Red Dragon Blues for which he writes, produces and engineers. Recorded in Australia and Japan with a few collaborators from both countries.
From 2011 to 2014 Luke toured Australia with Australian Idol Shannon Noll; the only Australian artist with 10 consecutive top ten singles. Stonefest at Sydney Olympic Stadium 2013 was a highlight; on the same bill as Van Halen  and Aerosmith. Recently he's been a part of Classic Rock Live; a tribute to rock classics like G&R and Queen with a 12 piece band and orchestra in theatres around Australia. He can be seen in music videos for artists such Matt Cornell, Koritni, Red Dragon Blues, Shannon Noll and Baylou
He's spent about 5 years living and working in Japan, his favourite country.  He Started Red Dragon Blues in Tokyo  with one of Tokyo’s best session drummers Armin Takeshi-Linzbichler and shot the music video for Bar H in Tokyo and Nagoya. He split his time in Japan between session work and English teaching. Playing and singing on music for  commercials and independent artists, he continued playing in different bands around Tokyo.
While rock is his spiritual home, his taste and capabilities vary widely; blues, soul, funk, pop, country, rockabilly, alternative, Japanese artists like Sheena Ringo and anything in between. Luke is known for his groove, melodic parts, right hand and bluesy, soulful feel.

An experienced English teacher he is also available for translating Japanese artists lyrics into English. He also provides pronunciation coaching to Japanese vocalists.